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“A standout of the evening was Max Bitar as the innocent Tobias Ragg… Bitar’s performance is worthy of a separate review; he brought new dimensions to a character who could easily fall into the background against the strengths of actors like (Annie) Golden and (David) St. Louis. When Bitar performed, he gleamed as brightly as the smiles on the audience’s faces that were watching him.”


    - Jackson Cooper, CVNC

“Amidst a field of stellar depictions, a few luminaries shine through… introduced as little more than an errand boy for Pirelli before later becoming a surrogate son of sorts to Mrs. Lovett, actor Max Bitar embodies Tobias Ragg’s seamless transition from dandy sycophant to emotionally dependent ward, embodying a desire to both be validated by an older figure and to live in service of a greater principle.”


   - Lamarr Fowlkes, Triangle Arts & Entertainment


“Max Bitar’s Lt. Raleigh, whose zeal for battle is heartbreaking… makes us care about his fate.” 


   - Roy C. Dicks, Raleigh News & Observer


“One of the most noteworthy duos in the production was that of the competitive royal brothers, Cinderlla’s Prince and Rapunzel’s Prince (Gregory DeCandia and Max Bitar)… The song ‘Agony’ and its reprise easrned exceptional laughter from the crowd.”


   - Sarah McQuillan, The Daily Tarheel

“Gregory DeCandia and Max Bitar, as Cinderella’s Prince and Rapunzel’s Prince, respectively, played their roles with great broad humor and brought down the house with their rendition of ‘Agony.’… it was hilarious and was perfectly executed by the princes and their stewards.”


   - Viki Atkinson, CVNC

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